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2014 Updates

We've said it once and we'll say it again, "We want to put ourselves out of your business.". Even with the ever changing threatscape of the internet we have been able to pull ourselves out of our customers networks by providing solid advise and solutions that scale. We've phased out of our first three customers networks last year, and now they are in complete control with a new found confidence in their abilities to monitor and administer their own security destinies!

2014 is already shaping up to be a great year for penetration testing, as well as incident response and forensics. If your company doesn't have an IR plan and is not trained in the Chain of Custody please do not hesitate to contact for all your security needs. In addition to our normal monitoring, administration and penetration testing services, we can help your organization create policies and proceedures for all your IT needs. We will soon be providing more information on our site with policy and procedure examples.

We're very exicted this year, and we are going to write at least one new Blog post every week, keep checking back!


Our fisrt public Beta release is available! Please visit our download page to get this landmark release!

ClearSite is a Free Open-Source Network Graphing and Management System and much more. ClearSite takes advantage of the powerful RRDTool storage and graphing tool, as well as utilizing MySQL for the backend. We have spent just as much time working on the user experience as we have with the data it collects, we know you'll find ClearSite easy to use and understand.
ClearSite has been developed and tested extensively with Cisco networking equipment, as well various PC/Server manufacturers and Operating Systems.

Please checkout our Blog, Support, News and Bug Tracking list's.

Our Mission

Our goal with setting up is to educate people/companies who know little or nothing about computer security and hopefully provide some useful information to them. Lowering Total Cost of Ownership is also top on our list. We've documented and outlined many useful practices and guides on our site to achieve this goal. Our guides and tutourials are simple to follow and easy to understand. Some of our mantra's about computer security are:

  • K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Security is a Process, not a Product
  • Your only as strong as your weakest link
  • Best Practices, Best Practices and Best Practices

The above my seem cliche, however you may be surprised by how many corporations and small business's we've visited and consulted for, that ignore most if not all of the above. With the rise in ID theft, and our lives depending more and more on computers everyday, it's our hope to keep users as safe on their end as possible.

What We Offer

There are a hundred security sites and firms out there, and they are all very well and good. However there are problems that are not addressed with regard to IT/Network Administration tasks, these problems and situations are what we aim to address and offer help with; from our experience's and espically past failures. We started this site to bring some humanity and thought into the solutions to IT/Network security.

While we do not have the resources, manpower and or time to post all the latest security vulnerabilities or advisories, we offer techniques and advise on mitigating these issues. There are dozens of other sites and resources on the web for the latest threats, but not enough security sites offer solid security advise for free. We are also very big proponents for Open Source Software, and in keeping with the OSS spirt of giving, we put this site up.