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Welcome the ClearSite Graphing and Network Managment System

ClearSite is a Free Open-Source Network Graphing and Management System and much more. ClearSite takes advantage of the powerful RRDTool storage and graphing tool, as well as utilizing MySQL for the backend. We have spent just as much time working on the user experience as we have with the data we collect, we know you'll find ClearSite easy to use and understand.

ClearSite has been developed and tested extensively with Cisco networking equipment, as well various PC/Server manufacturers and Operating Systems.


Windows Domain/LDAP login system
No need for a secondary login, simply use your AD domain or LDAP login
Real-Time Ajax search for:
IP, MAC Address, CSS Content Rule/Owner/Service
Graphing and detailed information for:
Port Statistics, Port Speed/Duplex, Host IP, Host MAC address, Port Vlan, Port Location, Port Status
Content Rule/Owner/Services
Automatic/Dynamic discovery and maintenance of:
Router/Switch interfaces/ports, Memory and CPU's
CSS Content rules, Owners, Services, Memory and CPU's
Trunked ports and CDP neighbors

Developers and Testers needed!

ClearSite has been thoroughly tested on most Cisco network equipment as well as some others. We would like developers and users to try and contribute to our offering. Further documentation and resources are available on this site. Please visit our sourceforge forums and join our mailing lists. We are currently developing our own forum at the site, please keep checking here and on for further news and developments!